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Discoloration – laser removal

Discoloration occurs with age and is largely related to the exposure of the skin to sunlight. Laser discoloration removal is one of the most effective methods to get rid of unsightly stains on our skin. At the Medical Clinic Podhale, we carry out treatments with the use of one of the most modern laser equipment: ablative fractional laser – multifunctional platform used in the treatment of imperfections and the non-ablative fractional laser.

Ablative fractional laser – mode of action

Ablative fractional laser is emitting a stream of light and ultrasounds that during treatments are directed to the area of the skin with discoloration. Thus, it has no influence on surrounding tissue – it only works within the discolorated area. As a result of the laser’s impact, microdamages are formed in the skin – as a result, cells are destroyeed and removed from the body and the skin is stimulated to regenerate. Thanks to this, discoloration disappears, and is replaced with cells of even color.

Advanced IPL laser

The modern laser emits a beam of narrowband pulsed light (IPL), that hits precisely for selected dyes. Melanin – when treating discoloration or hemoglobin, if vascular changes are treated. The accumulated melanin is then broken down and removed from the body in natural way.

Advantages of using laser treatments

The advantages of undergoing laser treatments include:

  • a guarantee of safety,
  • lasting results,
  • real removal of: sun spots, melasma or freckles from the face and body.

The contraindications to laser discoloration removal include:

  • active tan, acquired within 2 weeks back or a month in the case of a solarium,
  • inflammation and skin infections,
  • vitiligo,
  • tumors,
  • tendency to develop keloids (keloids),
  • the active phase of psoriasis,
  • sensitivity to light,
  • epilepsy,
  • kidney failure,
  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • diabetes.

Laser therapy is also not performed in patients taking certain medications – especially:

  • photosensitizing drugs: isotretinoin (in the last 3–6 months), tretinoin (in last 2 weeks),
  • antidepressants,
  • tetracyclines,
  • immunosuppressants.

Pre-procedure recommendations

Before the procedure, stop using herbs such as: St. John’s wort, calendula, chamomile, horsetail and limit alcohol consumption (drinking is forbidden until 24 hours before the procedure), and also follow any recommendations of your doctor or cosmetologist.

The appearance of the skin after laser therapy

After the laser discoloration removal procedure, slight redness will appear on the skin, which it can be accompanied by a slight burning sensation. The skin may feel dry and pinched – and a few days after the treatment it will begin intensively exfoliate and the stains gradually disappear. It is worth being prepared for the fact that for a few days after the color of the discoloration may become darker during treatment.

To avoid new discoloration in this area of the skin:

  • absolutely avoid the sun,
  • use high filters with the factor UVA and UVB.