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Laser NIR (Near – Infrared)

Cena 150 - 3500 PLN
30-60 minutes
Body area
neckline, breasts, abdomen, back, knees, buttocks, arms, thighs, face
Recommended number of treatments
4–6 treatments

How does laser NIR work?

The treatment with the laser NIR (Near – Infrared) system involves the use of the NIR head emitting near infrared light, thanks to which we obtain the effect of thermolifting and tension, firming and toning the skin. This light also has a clear soothing effect – it works perfectly on muscle or joint pain.

Laser is most often applied to the areas of the face and neck where the loss is firmness and tension is the most common. It is based on local heating of the skin in order to contract the fibers of collagen, which results in its clear tension and firmness as well as improvement of tissue density.

Advantages of the treatment

The effects of using the laser include:

  • skin firming,
  • improving the oval of the face,
  • unifying the complexion color,
  • reduction of scars,
  • face lift.

The treatment is comfortable and painless – the patient feels only the heat emitted by the head of a laser.

Recommended number of treatments

The best results are achieved with a series of about 4–6 treatments at an interval of 3 to 6 weeks. This number depends on the effects expected by the patient and the size of the treatment area.

How does the skin look like after the treatment?

A burning sensation appears immediately after the treatment, which may last several hours. Later for about 3 days skin may be brown and the epidermis will gradually peel off. Moisturizing is important as well as skin protection from direct sunlight.