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Injection lipolysis

Cena 300 - 1500 PLN
30 minutes
Body area
upper limbs - around the triceps, folds on the back (below the ribs), belly, hips, "breeches", sub-buttock area, inner thighs, inner knees, double chin / modeling the contour of the lower jaw
Recommended number of treatments
1-3 treatments

Model your body effectively and effortlessly!

Effective, effortless and at the same time completely safe to get rid of unnecessary kilograms seems to get unreal. Meanwhile, it is possible without the use of another “miracle diet” – through professional aesthetic medicine treatments. One of them is injection lipolysis, differently saying: intralipotherapy.

A quick loss of a few centimeters in the waist, abdomen or thigh circumference can be a very motivating beginning of regular body care.

Step by step lipolysisinjection

The introduction to the procedure is a consultation with an aesthetic medicine doctor, who has with the patient an interview on the health condition, medications taken, etc. Then, he performs measurements and prepares photographic documentation of the areas requiring intervention and marks them with a felt-tip pen on the body.

The intralipotherapy treatment consists in applying Aqualyx directly to the adipose tissue, causing the destruction of fat cells. Usually 2 injections are made with special needles. The advantage of this method is the limited number of punctures, thanks to which the pain is limited, the risk of skin damage or bruising is also eliminated. The treatment is practically painless and takes about half an hour.

After treatment

After the treatment, it is possible to feel a slight itching, burning sensation and sensitivity of the area affected by the injection. This proves the effectiveness of the applied solution. For the next few days, the skin may be slightly swollen and reddened and a hematoma may appear at the injection site. These are normal symptoms which are the body’s natural reaction to the procedure. They all resolve spontaneously – and the patient may return to daily activities immediately after treatment.

The effects of the treatment

A series of treatments brings great results in the loss of 4-5 cm in circumference at the injection site on average preparation. In the case of a small amount of body fat, they usually suffice to achieve this effect after 2–3 treatments. Conversely, if the fatty tissue is abundant and thick, it will be necessary to carry out more treatments every 3–4 weeks. Massage is a recommended to complement the lymphatic therapy, accelerating the removal of fat from cells and facilitating its transport through the vessels absorbent.

Indications for surgery

The indications for the procedure include the following health aesthetic problems :

  • double chin,
  • a fold of fat on the abdomen,
  • fat on thighs, thighs too wide,
  • fat on buttocks, buttocks too full,
  • fatty, so-called “Bullish” neck,
  • fat around the armpits, fat pads around the armpits,
  • fat on the knees, too thick knees,
  • willingness to shape the figure,
  • male gynecomastia,
  • folds on the back (below the ribs).

Treatments are performed in the Aesthetic Medical Center of our clinic – by experienced doctors of dermatology.


The following points can be mentioned among the contraindications for the procedure:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • acute kidney and liver diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • blood diseases related to excessive bleeding,
  • constant use of blood thinners,
  • thyroid disease (e.g. in people suffering from Hashimoto’s disease only when the
  • level of antibodies is very low or zero).