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Non-ablative fractional laser

Take your years away!

Over the years, the skin of the face and body gradually sags due to the decreasing amount of collagen, thanks to which it is well moisturized and elastic. Natural aging processes cause the formation of a wrinkles net and the effect of a “hanging” skin in accordance with the forces of gravity acting on it. Deeper tissues are also being stretched.

Fortunately, there are treatments to slow down this process and reduce its effects. One of them is the so-called non-invasive lifting, which results in a younger look of the face without surgical interferrence. The essence of the treatment is to lift, smooth and tighten the skin in selected parts of the body, combined with the reduction of adipose tissue.

At the Medical Clinic Podhale, we have the most modern devices for non-invasive facelift, from which – after consultation with a specialist – to choose the best treatment solution, taking into account the patient’s anatomical structure and local condition of skin.

Non-ablative fractional laser

Non-ablative fractional laser is a painless procedure that can be recommended to people who want to eliminate the symptoms of aging and visible skin imperfections. It uses Q-Switch – a non-invasive laser, non-ablative emitting a beam that affects the deep layers of the skin without disturbing the top layers.

The effect of its action is to stimulate the production of collagen, and thus restore the skin firmness and improvement of tissue density. This allows you to smooth wrinkles, remove discoloration or eliminating scars (including acne scars).

The non-ablative laser is a safe device – used by doctors and cosmetologists. Its great advantage is a very short recovery period after the procedure. It is especially recommended for people whose skin requires firming, immediate rejuvenation and deep regeneration. It is perfect for all phototypes, very delicate and thin skin.

Advantages of the Q-Switch laser

Q-Swich laser’s light, thanks to the use of interchangeable tips, can penetrate different skin depth. The tissue heating caused by the penetration causes controlled microdamage in dermis – at the same time, the epidermis remains intact. The healing process of microdamages results in skin contraction and tension, and most of all stimulates the formation of new collagen. The procedure does not cause a shutdown, and also does not require prior anesthesia.

The procedure, depending on the area undergoing a facelift, takes only 15–30 minutes!

Recommendations before and after the procedure

The treatment with the use of the non-ablative Q-Switch laser does not require any special preparation. After treatment we recommend the skin protection from overheating for several days: do not expose it to the sun, it is necessary to use cosmetics with a high UV filter, also avoid saunas, intense exercises and the use of the swimming pool.