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Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is a popular procedure that allows you to obtain the shape of your lips. Yours lips are narrow, they have lost their former firmness, a mesh of wrinkles has appeared around them, and the corners have started to fall? Or maybe their shape is asymmetrical or there are disproportions between the lips? We have a remedy in the form of treatments that restore the desired firmness and filling the lips. Gently increasing their volume, correcting the shape, refining contours and correcting vertical lines.

We recommend a visit to all our patients who are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their lips in the Aesthetic Medical Center, where we can use the most modern substances which:

  • smoothes fine wrinkles around the mouth,
  • improves the disproportion between the upper and lower lip,
  • corrects or enlarges of the lips and their surroundings,
  • improves lip contour,
  • reduces the so-called smoker’s wrinkles,
  • corrects the nose gutter,
  • lifts the corners of mouth – thanks to which we obtain a cheerful expression on the face.

Preparations we work on

In our work, we are guided by the best good of our patients. That’s why we only choose professional, dermatologically proven and tested products. We are currently using products of two brands.

Product 1 – a brand that offers a wide selection of safe acid-based hyaluronic acid fillers , enabling the revitalization and correction of the lips, while maintaining the natural appearance. Stabilized hyaluronic acid (non-animal origin) contained in product, is obtained in a patented technology. As a result, it is characterized by exceptional durability and permanently increases the volume of the lips. Additionally, it stimulates them to produce collagen.

Product 2 – cosmetics of the newest generation, characterized by optimal bio-integration: adaptation to anatomical structures into which they are injected. As a result, they ensure optimal distribution in tissues, maintaining the integrity of the skin. In this way, an extremely aesthetic effect of enlarging and correctinglips is obtained, together with a feeling of extraordinary naturalness in touch. PEG polymer, hyaluronic acid contained in the brand’s products, cross-linked with optimal concentration guaranteeing the patient’s comfort. It gives the lips elasticity and makes them resistant to the mechanical stresses that they are subjected to every day. Additionally preparation contain L- proline. It is an amino acid contained in collagen, which is responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin.


Lip augmentation and wrinkle reduction give great results that last from 6 to 9 months depending on the individual predispositions of the organism and the patient’s age, amount and type of used substances, lifestyle, hydration of the body, medications or the presence of labial herpes.

Treatment effects

Before treatment
After treatment
Lip augmentation
MD PhD Marta Janowska

Before treatment
After treatment
Lip shaping
MD PhD Bogumiła Szyszka-Charewicz