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Lipotransfer is a minimally invasive, safe and, above all, effective method that allows you to model specific areas of the body or face. It allows you to reduce the signs of aging, fill the defects in the subcutaneous tissue and get rid of local excess fat.

The procedure – also known as fat transplant – is divided into two stages. The first is that your doctor draws your body fat from places where there is too much of it. Usually these are the areas of the abdomen and thighs, from which the collected fat is then – in the second stage – transferred and reimplanted where there are losses. Own adipose tissue is the best natural filler, perfectly tolerated by the body – thanks to this, the risk of an allergic reaction or transplant rejection is reduced.

Indications for surgery

The indications for the procedure include any shortages of adipose tissue – especially in the area of ​​the face. This method is perfect for the occurrence of deep furrows, wrinkles, acne scars or sunken areas around the eyes. It is also a great solution in the case of loss of skin volume, sunken cheeks, a clear valley of tears or asymmetry. It also works well for eliminating local excess tissue – for example, a double chin.

Within the body lipotransfer is an ideal solution in the event of excess tissue, asymmetry, or postoperative or traumatic defects. It also allows you to slim down selected parts of the body and give them the desired shape – especially in problem areas such as the belly or belly.

The course of the procedure

Lipotransfer is a minimally invasive and safe procedure. During it, the doctor collects adipose tissue using the so-called cannula. It is a properly profiled hollow tube with a blunt needle that allows both the safe extraction of liquid substances and their injection in the selected area. The doctor makes a minimal incision on the anesthetized part of the body, thanks to which he can place the cannula subcutaneously and collect the tissue. Then – after appropriate processing – it goes to the designated place.

Post-treatment effects

Lipotransfer is a procedure that does not require convalescence. The only negative effects that occur immediately after the treatment are bruising and a slight swelling. They should disappear spontaneously after a few or several hours.

Important – adipose tissue reacts to changes in our body weight. For this reason, if we gain or lose weight, it will increase or decrease its volume in the treated areas accordingly.



The contraindications for lipotransfer procedure include:

  • autoimmune diseases,
  • blood clotting disorders, thrombotic disease,
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • kidney or liver failure.
  • active infections.


Lipotransfer treatments are performed in our clinic by experienced specialists – including an aesthetic medicine specialist.