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Body or facial vacuum massage

Cena 300 PLN - cheaper in the package
40-60 minutes
Body area
neckline, breasts, abdomen, back, knees, buttocks, arms, thighs, face
Recommended number of treatments

Take your years away!

The skin of the face and body gradually sags over time. As a result, it gives the image of “sagging”, “draining” of the skin coating according to gravity. They are also stretched in deeper located tissues. The remedy for these problems is endermology.

The essence of the treatment is lifting, smoothing, tightening the skin in selected parts and often reducing it adipose tissue. We have several devices dedicated to a non-invasive facelift, out of which the best options are chosen for the patient, taking into account the anatomical structure and local skin condition. The effect of the treatment is a younger look of the face, without any surgical intervention.

Body or facial vacuum massage is a non-invasive, 100% natural and an extremely effective method of mechanical stimulation of the skin, thanks to which it improves metabolism. It is recommended especially in the case of visible tissue sagging and necessity of removal the excessive fat deposits and smooth cellulite.

Advantages of the treatment

Body or facial vacuum massage is a pleasant and comfortable treatment. Research to develop this modern non-surgical technology was operated by the French company for 30 years. Its’ innovative patent allowed for a combination of three aspects, thanks to which it is so eagerly chosen by patients:

  • firming the skin,
  • smoothing and reducing cellulite,
  • removal of fatty tissue.

The treatment visibly shapes the body, reducing the circumference of the patient’s body. The treatment apparatus is equipped with a unique Alliance Skin Identification Sensor, thanks to which it is possible to carry out the procedure with simultaneous, precise adjustment settings of the device to the physical characteristics of the tissue: its’ fibrousness, lack of elasticity, particular delicacy, etc. Thanks to this, the treatment is extremely safe and guarantees adaptation to different therapeutic problems. The aesthetic effects should also include the therapeutic effect of the treatment, such as reduction of swelling as well as muscle and joint pain.

Effects confirmed by research of The Endermologie Dermscan study conducted in 2016 showed, that the averaged effects treatment is:

  • 71%* skin firming,
  • 67% reduction of cellulite,
  • visible reduction of several centimeters in circumference (eg 5.2 cm in the waist.

Endermology in pregnancy

Is it worth deciding on any aesthetic medicine treatments during pregnancy and whether they are safe? It is worth it, because it will pay off in the future. Body or facial vacuum massage is a procedure that you can also undergo during pregnancy and after childbirth! Except these effects it also improves blood circulation, thanks to which the amount of water accumulated in the tissues is reduced – in other words, it reduces swelling.

The skin often cannot cope with the rapid weight gain during pregnancy – it begins to stretch, stretch marks and cellulite appear on it. If we take care of it in right away – it will be toned and it changes in our weight can be handled more gently. An additional benefit is the relaxation of sore muscles and joints – the innovative vacuum massage head works on pain receptors!

During pregnancy, treatments are performed on legs. You can give it up after crossing the first trimester. After childbirth should wait about 3 months.


The indications for undergoing endermology treatment include the following problems:

  • cellulite,
  • loss of skin firmness throughout the body,
  • swelling,
  • stagnation,
  • scars,
  • muscle and joint pain.

Treatments are performed in the cosmetology center of our clinic.


The following ailments are contraindications to undergo the procedure:

  • phlebitis,
  • cancer.

Treatment effects

Before treatments
After treatments
Fat reduction, body shaping
Treatment: Body vacuum massage