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Fillers – a new concept of biostimulation


Treatments with the use of polynucleotides are indicated especially in the case of loss of tension and skin elasticity – as an effective anti-aging prophylaxis. Polynucleotides entering into the composition of the filler preparation is to bind water molecules at the structure level cells, thanks to which the skin is moisturized for a long time. Additionally, they show antioxidant activity, by trapping so-called free radicals. They are a natural product, obtained from fish (salmon) – thanks to cleaning process does not cause allergies. The best effect is obtained after a series of treatments: e.g. 4 treatments every two weeks intervals. The final number of ampoules used depends on consultation with a aesthetic medical specialist.


As with any procedure in the field of aesthetic medicine – there are contraindications to undergo treatments using the filler gel. These include:

  • cancers,
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • epilepsy,
  • active dermatoses,
  • infectious diseases (e.g. herpes),
  • immunosuppression,
  • diabetes.

The course and effects immediately after the treatment

The procedure is based on the injection of the preparation (using a cannula or needle), but it is defined as painless – the subject may feel tingling. Immediately after punctures on the face slight bruising, erythema or slight swelling may appear which is a natural occurrence that can last about a week. Apart from these ailments, the treated person may return to daily activities. The final result is a lifting effect without the use of a scalpel: bouncy, rejuvenated, more elastic skin and visibly shallower wrinkles.

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