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Retix. C Eye – revitalization of the skin around the eyes

Retix.C Eye is an innovative treatment that revitalizes the skin around the eyes. We recommend it to people with the first signs of aging:

  • wrinkles,
  • discoloration,
  • dry, gray skin.

Retix.C Eye is a treatment based on the use of three active preparations:

  • peeling rejuvenating the skin around the eyes – containing a combination of 6 ingredients:
    • phloretin
    • polyphenol, with an antioxidant effect, enhancing the penetration of other substances active deep into the skin,
    • retinol – with anti-aging properties, and four acids:
    • lactic,
    • ferulic (natural plant antioxidant)
    • lemon and apple;
  • serum with vitamin C and ferulic acid – revitalizing, brightening and smoothing
  • a nanostructured mask in a sheet that brightens the shadows under the eyes, stimulating microcirculation, reducing puffiness and regenerating delicate skin.

The effects of the treatment

Retix.C Eye is a treatment that will allow you to obtain: firming and tightening of the skin under the eyes, intense, in-depth hydration and illumination, lightening of shadows, reducing the visibility of swelling and(bags) under the eyes. For permanent and full results, it is recommended to use a two-session series with approximately 3–4-week interval. Depending on the condition of the skin, it makes sense to undergo the treatment about twice a year.