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Skin biopsy

A skin biopsy is a test performed under local anesthesia, in which a sample of diseased or requiring examination skin is taken. The clipping is taken with a scalpel or with a punch and then carefully assessed under a microscope, thanks to which it is possible to diagnose precancerous conditions, skin cancer or diseases autoimmune.

The course of the study

A biopsy is also performed for prognostic purposes – as a control test or monitoring treatment effects. In the case of histopathological examinations, a section of the affected area, the so-called margin is taken i.e. a narrow stripe of healthy skin surrounding it. After examination, on the cut place a special dressing is applied to prevent bleeding. The waiting time for biopsy results is 10-14 days – they determine the form of further treatment. At the time the collected sample is very carefully analyzed – after it has been embedded in paraffin or freezed with liquid nitrogen.

Biopsy is a relatively safe examination – complications that may occur after the collectionthe is a wound infection and/or hematoma. To avoid this, post surgery cut backs should be undertaken for some time, such as physical exertion, and the tested area should be protected from soaking or a potential injury – until the dressing is removed and the place is healed.