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Tattoo removal

Removing a tattoo has never been so easy! A failed or unwanted tattoo is an aesthetic problem, which has so far been difficult to deal with. Thanks to technological advances, we already have a remedy for this in the form of one of the most modern lasers on the market. Thanks to the treatment with its use, you can get rid of even a large, colorful pattern. Importantly, there are no unsightly scars remained. You can also remove discoloration or permanent makeup with a laser.

Advantages of the laser

The laser we have is emiting an extremely precise nanosecond light pulse aimed precisely at unwanted pattern, which makes it possible to get rid of it effectively without disturbing the skin around it. Laser penetrates deep parts of the skin, breaking down pigment particles – which then are immediately removed from the body. The resulting microdamages gradually heal, and the dye gradually heals, due to which the tattoo gradually fades away.

The device allows you to select the light beam to the type of dyes used in the tattoo – it operates two wavelengths: 1064 nm beam is used to remove dark colors (black, green, violet, blue), and the 532 nm wave for brighter colors – yellow, orange, red.


There are several contraindications in the case of laser interference with the skin, such as:

  • active, freshly acquired tan (last 2 weeks in the case of a sun tan or month in the case of a solarium),
  • skin diseases such as vitiligo or the active phase of psoriasis
  • infections, inflammations,
  • tumors,
  • diabetes,
  • tendency to develop keloids,
  • epilepsy,
  • sensitivity to light,
  • kidney failure,
  • use of dermatological photosensitizing drugs: isotretinoin (within the last 3–6
    months), tretinoin (in the last 2 weeks),
  • the use of antidepressants, immunosuppressants, tetracyclines,
  • blood coagulation disorders, use of blood thinners,
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Pre-procedure recommendations

Tattoo removal – like most procedures that interfere with the body, it is necessary to
follow certain rules. Before the treatment of tattoo removal, permanent makeup or
discoloration with laser light, you should refrain from tanning, as well as taking photosensitizing herbal preparations, such as: field horsetail, chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort. One day before the procedure, alcohol should be discontinued.