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Depilation with the hybrid laser

Hybrid laser is one of the most modern and effective devices on the market for laser hair removal of unwanted facial and body hair. Its advantage is the combination of two wavelengths – the neodymium-yag beam (1064 nm) and the alexandrite beam (755 nm). An additional option is the possibility of using mixed technology that uses both of these light lengths in one pulse. This means that the cosmetologist can set the laser platform, adjusting the beam to the hair color and skin phototype of a given patient, which guarantees effective removal of unwanted hair from selected areas of the body.

Hybrid laser

An additional solution is the cooling system built into the device, thanks to which the treatment is comfortable and almost painless. The laser is suitable even for light, thin hair and dark complexion.

We use it to epilate areas such as: upper lip (mustache), chin / sideburns, ears, cheeks, armpits, back, nipples, shallow and deep bikini, arms / forearms, legs (whole or separate calves and thighs), buttocks, abdomen, torso. Importantly, the laser light is completely safe – it acts only on the hair and its follicle, without damaging the surrounding tissues.
Consultation with a cosmetologist

To achieve the full treatment effect, follow the series recommended by specialists during consultations. For this reason, it is most profitable to buy a full package, including four treatments spread over time.

Our newly opened branch in Zakopane – Medical Clinic Podhale Art, operating at the address: Chramcówki 7. We cordially invite you to sign up and take advantage of the treatment offer available in our facility: 18 264 40 00