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Venereological consultations

At the Dermatological Clinic of the Medical Clinic Podhale, we also deal with diagnostics and treatment of venereological diseases. Venereology is a branch of medicine closely related to dermatology, dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases on the basis of:

  • viral (e.g. herpes, infectious mononucleosis),
  • fungal infections (e.g. thrush),
  • parasitic (e.g. trichomoniasis, scabies),
  • bacterial (eg chlamydiosis, syphilis, gonorrhea).

When should I see a venereologist

  • Venereological consultation is recommended in the event of the first symptoms – as quick as possible implementation of treatment is a guarantee of effective treatment. Untreated ailments can result in the occurrence of dangerous complications, and even – in critical cases – cause infertility. Additionally, remember that our partner can often be infected as well, therefore it is worth visiting the doctor with him and undergo treatment together. Following changes in intimate areas or systemic symptoms of genito-urinary system should prompt us to visit a doctor:
  • swelling,
  • redness,
  • itching or a burning sensation
  • rash,
  • vesicles, lumps,
  • in the case of women, a change in the color, smell or consistency of the discharge,
  • pain – e.g. burning, pain while urinating, pain during intercourse),
  • erythema and hives.

We invite you to take advantage of the consultations of experienced dermatologists admitting in our clinic.