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Radio waves with magnetic field

Cena 250 - 3400 PLN
30-40 minutes
Body area
neckline, breasts, abdomen, back, knees, buttocks, arms, thighs, face
Recommended number of treatments
6-10 treatments

Take your years away!

The skin of the face and body gradually sags over time. As a result, it gives
the image of “sagging”, “draining” of the skin coating according to gravity. They are also stretched in deeper located tissues.

The essence of the treatment is lifting, smoothing, tightening the skin in selected parts and often reducing it adipose tissue. We have several devices dedicated to a non-invasive facelift, which are best chosen for the patient , taking into account the anatomical structure and local skin condition.

The effect of the treatment is a younger face look, without any surgical intervention. Radio waves with magnetic field treatment is a completely painless, completely safe and, most importantly, effective treatment, spectacular effects are visible after the first visit! It allows you to achieve clinical effects. It is the fastest device of this type available on the market! It is suitable for all skin types.

Radio waves with magnetic field

It is a treatment based on the so-called radiofrequency, the use of multipolar radio waves that act on the dermis, stimulating skin cells for the production and regeneration of collagen fibers. As a result, the skin regains its own density and firmness.


The effects of the treatment are:

  • smoothing wrinkles,
  • reduced body circumference,
  • tightening and firming of the skin of the face and body,
  • reduction of cellulite and resistant fat cells.

If the problem of dark circles in your eyes makes your face look tired, your facial skin has lost its vitality and flexibility and you dream of a comfortable treatment that will provide excellent results without recovery period – radio waves with magnetic field are the perfect solution! It’s also the best way to go fight against “stubborn” fat and cellulite – it will perfectly shape your body!

The course of the procedure

The treatment with radio waves with magnetic field is non-invasive and painless. During it, to the patient is only accompanied by a pleasant feeling of warmth in the treated area. To the patient’s body a special head is applied and the doctor moves it over the skin in circular movements. Temperature in the device is adjusted individually.

Immediately after the treatment, reddening of the skin may occur due to increased temperature, however, these symptoms wear off quickly and you can resume your daily activities.

Number of treatments

The recommended number of treatments may differ from a patient as it depends on individual predispositions and skin condition. In the Medical Clinic Podhale you can consult this issue with a specialist – cosmetologist who will assess the patient’s needs and select the correct number.

  • pregnancy,
  • cancers,
  • inflammation / skin changes at the treatment site.

Treatment effects

Before treatments
After treatments
Slimming, body shaping
Treatment: Radio waves with magnetic field