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Cena 300 - 4200 PLN
30-60 minutes
Body area
neckline, breasts, abdomen, back, knees, buttocks, arms, thighs, face
Recommended number of treatments
1-3 treatments

Take your years away!

Thermolifting is a so-called banquet procedure that brings immediate and long-term, positive result in the form of visual rejuvenation.

The skin of the face and body gradually sags over time. As a result, it gives the image of “sagging”, “draining” of the skin coating according to gravity. They are also stretched in deeper located tissues. The essence of the thermolifting treatment is to lift, smoothen and tighten the skin in the selected areas and reduction of adipose tissue. We have several devices dedicated to non-invasive facelift, from which the best for the patient is selected, taking into account the structure anatomical and local skin condition. The effect of the treatment is a younger look of the face, without any surgical intervention. There is also an improvement of face oval and reduction of nasolabial folds.


Thermolifting is a painless and non-invasive rejuvenating treatment that combines infrared technology of thermolifting and water peeling. Thermolifting is based on skin heating (IR radiation) in order to stimulate the body to produce new collagen fibers. It restores the skin’s proper tension and flexibility, improves the face oval and smoothes wrinkles. In turn, the water peeling comprehensively cleanses the skin, exfoliating dead epidermal cells. It also enables the complex of active ingredients to moisturize and nourish the skin.

This combination guarantees an immediate effect of smoothing and rejuvenating the skin without surgical interferrence! Thermolifting is called a banquet procedure because it does not require convalescence, and the skin just looks radiant and refreshed.


The indications for the procedure include all signs of progressive aging:

  • loss of radiance, dull, flabby skin of the face,
  • wrinkles, visible nasolabial folds, loss of face oval,
  • loss of skin firmness in the neck but also other parts of the body, such as the abdomen or inner thighs and arms. Thermolifting also effectively restores the good condition of the skin after significant weight loss.

Collagen synthesis

The skin subjected to the thermolifting treatment is stimulated to create new collagen fibers which are a kind of scaffolding for our skin. Collagen is a structural protein resistant to stretching, keeping our body in good shape.

Unfortunately, with age our ability to synthesize collagen decreases rapidly – the first changes consisting in its gradual disappearance occur after the age of 25! In women, this process is intensified very abruptly during menopause, when the decrease in estrogen causes not only a synthesis disorder ofcollagen, but also changing its properties.


The first illumination and smoothing effects are noticeable immediately after the thermolifting treatment while without the treatment you have to wait several months for the complete renewal of collagen fibers. It’s worth it because the skin after that during the period it is firm, elastic and compact.

Why choose thermolifting?

Thermolifting is a procedure of:

  • giving immediate results,
  • non-invasive,
  • comfortable,
  • safe,
  • universal, you can try it at any age from 25,
  • not requiring convalescence,
  • lifting and caring,
  • safe even for people with couperose skin.