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Aesthetic dentistry

Improving the aesthetics of the teeth

Cosmetic dentistry includes a number of treatments aimed at improving the aesthetics of the teeth – affecting the color, shape or even position of the teeth. They focus on restoration of a beautiful, natural smile for the patient.

At the Medical Clinic Podhale, we perform:

  • tooth correction and contouring treatments,
  • whitening treatments,
  • all-ceramic porcelain crowns and bridges.
  • crowns on a zirconium foundation,
  • cosmetic veneers,
  • cosmetic fillings.

One of the most frequently chosen cosmetic dentistry procedures by patients is whitening. A smile is our calling card, unfortunately not all of us have been endowed with a light backbone by nature. In addition, with age, the teeth are exposed to the formation of unsightly discoloration associated with drinking coffee, tea or smoking.

Did you know that you can get rid of this problem in about 10 days?

If your teeth have a yellowish or brown shade that makes you feel uncomfortable, we recommend safe and effective whitening with the overlay method! At the Medical Clinic Podhale, we select the whitening preparation and the number of applications to the individual expectations of patients.

What does the procedure look like?

Overlay whitening is an effective and safe way to get rid of unattractive color of the teeth and a guarantee of a snow-white smile. During the first visit, the dentist carefully examines the condition of a patient’s teeth and gums. If necessary, it protects cavities and then removes sediment and calculus, preparing the teeth for collecting the so-called impressions. On their basis, there are individual trays performed to which the patient will apply the whitening gel at home – according to specialist recommendations.

Gel trays are used at night – they are placed on the teeth for about 8 hours. Gel gradually penetrates deep into the teeth, releasing oxygen – it is thanks to the oxidation process during which even the most durable discoloration disappear. The treatment is repeated for about 8–10 nights, depending on the individual choice of whitening plan. The first effects are visible after one or two nights. Approximately 2 weeks after the end of the treatment and the stabilization of the color of the teeth, the dentist starts to fill the cavities in a new, lighter color so that they are not visible.

Warto wiedzieć

It happens that naturally dark-colored teeth require a longer whitening period – that’s why we choose the time of using gel overlays individually. Additionally, during the whitening process there may be temporary hypersensitivity, mainly to cold – if it is troublesome for the patient, a dentist will use a special desensitizing preparation.

Durability of the effect

The whitening effect is permanent, but after a few years, the teeth may become slightly discolored again – mainly due to the food consumed or when smoking. In this case, it is advisable to repeat whitening – but it is usually recommended every few years and only for 1 or 2 nights.

If your teeth are embarrassing or their color is not nice and you are ashamed to smile – aesthetic dentistry will provide you with a range of solutions. We invite you to consultations and treatments at our Dentistry Center! We will make sure that beautiful white appears on your smile again.