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Caries treatment – conservative dentistry

Caries treatment and prevention belong to the area of ​​conservative dentistry. In scope of treatments related to this dental problem we include:

  • treatment of caries in deciduous and permanent teeth,
  • filling tooth tissues with chemically cured and light-cured materials,
  • root canal treatment (endodontic).

The causes of caries

They are responsible for the formation of caries, as well as many other gum and periodontal diseases caused by bacteria in the mouth. It is worth knowing that they can also cause unpleasant odors from the mouth, but also diseases of the kidneys, heart and joints!

For this reason, caries treatment is extremely important – it is not only aesthetic (maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile), but also crucial in maintaining the overall body health. Many people do not even realize that their joints or kidneys have been attacked by bacterium that caused tooth decay.

Caries treatment

In our clinic, the treatment of caries isbased on the highest quality equipment and materials as well as experienced medical staff. Procedures (performed under local anesthesia or general) consists in removing diseased tissues with the use of drills and filling them with composite material, which allows a tooth to be rebuilt in the desired shape and gloss.

Our doctors work with a wide range of filling colors, thanks to which they are able to match the shade perfectly, so that the filling does not differ from the natural part of the tooth.

Treatment offer

Among the treatments in the field of conservative dentistry we performe:

  • time fills
  • solid chemo- and light-cured fillings,
  • solid fillings reinforced with glass fiber studs,
  • endodontics – i.e. root canal treatment,
  • reendodontics – repeat root canal treatment,
  • treatment of gingival pockets,
  • treatment of tooth sensitivity,
  • splinting loose teeth,
  • lapping (impregnation of milk teeth in children),
  • reconstruction of the tooth crown.