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Children’s dentistry – we treat small teeth

Preparing a child for a visit to the dentist

Children’s dentistry is our passion. At Medical Clinic Podhale, we specialize in children dentistry based on many years of experience in treating the youngest patients. First toddler’s visit is very important – it has an impact on how the child remembers it and with what attitude will approach the next. It is worth taking care of the toddler to be prepared properl for the visit. Above all he should not be afraid of the dentist. What is more you should not transfer your negative feelings to the child’s psyche or scare him.

It is worth explaining to your child where they are taken and for what purpose. You can play with him so she/he will get used to the situation.

The first visit to the dentist

The first visit to the dentist is recommended even for small children, around a year old – after the appearance the first teeth. The doctor will check the correct development of the face and mouth, and additionally will provide parents with tips on the diet and care of milk teeth. It will also specify the indicated frequency of visits.

The cause of caries in children

The cause of childhood caries usually lies in toddler’s dietary care mistakes. The erupting teeth are extremely thin and their surface layers are non-mineralized. Thus, they are particularly exposed to the cariogenic process. Similarly the first permanent teeth – especially the incisors and the so-called sixths.

Early caries

The so-called early caries is usually a very acute form that can lead to destruction of dental tissue even in a few months. This may necessitate tooth extraction. Therefore, if you notice any changes in the teeth of your little one (discoloration, spots) consult a pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

Children’s dentistry

You have to start children’s dentistry from an early age. Dental treatment of young children is not easy. It is a stressful experience for them and for parents, so it is worth taking special care of proper oral hygiene from an early age. Our specialists will help you familiarize your child with the surgery and will assess treatment needs profesionally. The first visit with a check-up is free – most often it involves talking to a dentist and varnishing milk teeth with a substance that prevents the formation of caries.

Permanent replacement of milk teeth

The dentition replacement period is the time when the child’s mouth should be particularly carefully observed, especially in terms of the assessment of “sixth” – teeth that require special care. Their appearance is not preceded by the loss of milk teeth, so the moment of their eruption may be overlooked. Meanwhile as the last teeth in the dental arch, they are usually not cleaned by children. Additionally, these teeth they are characterized by a special structure – their chewing surface has deep furrows, likely to accumulate sediment, which is a cariogenic factor.

Systematic checks

In the case of systematic checks at the dentist’s, it is possible to detect the eruption of these teeth. Then the dentist may suggest sealing the fissures with a special substance with fluoride, which effectively protects against the formation of caries.

We invite you to use the services of our dentists who will take care of your kids’ teeth, so that they can enjoy beautiful and a healthy smile.