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Dental surgery

Surgical treatment of problems in the oral cavity

Dental surgery is the surgical treatment of oral health problems. It is one of the constantly developing fields of dentistry, including – in addition to tooth extraction – bone tissue restoration procedures and soft tissue microsurgery to enable preparation of the patient for further specialized treatment – such as: endodontics (root canal treatment), implantation of implants or prosthetic procedures.

Range of services

Dental surgery at the Medical Clinic Podhale offers a full range of services – from surgical consultation, through complete radiological diagnostics to advanced treatment. In our clinic’s offices we perform treatments such as:

  • extraction of deciduous and permanent teeth,
  • extraction of impacted teeth (fully or partially),
  • removal of tooth roots under local anesthesia (hemisection),
  • root apex resection,
  • collecting material for histopathological examinations,
  • treatment of soft tissue changes – e.g. complicated abscesses,
  • treatment of changes in bone tissue.

Dental surgery procedures are most often performed under local anesthesia after prior conducting of a thorough medical interview with the patient. There is also a possibility of performing such procedures under general anesthesia, after consultation with an experienced anesthesiologist. Our clinic is equipped with modern anesthetic equipment that guarantees full safety for patients. We also offer full digital X-ray diagnostics such aspanoramic photos and tomographic examination.

We invite you to our facilities located in Waksmund and Nowy Targ, where experienced specialists will take care of your teeth. In 2019, our clinic won the first place in the national ranking of the best dental offices – Gala Beauty Stars, organized by the Gala magazine – which confirms the quality of our services.