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Orthodontics – occlusion correction

Aesthetics and well-being

Orthodontics is the treatment and correction of malocclusion. Straightening teeth is primarily a matter of health, but also aesthetics and well-being. Incorrectly arranged in the arc and excessively crowded teeth wear faster. In this way, they become prone to caries. Additionally can be the cause of persistent headache and neck pain, as they disrupt the work of the temporo-mandibular system. Correcting the bite also improves the condition of the gums. This is especially true in the case of patients suffering from periodontitis.

Causes of malocclusion

There are many causes of malocclusion – apart from genetic factors, also very crucial is civilization, including lifestyle and diet. We eat on the go, usually ready-made grounded products, which makes our jaws wean from intensive chewing. The same is with children – good habits will be visible in teeth of our children in the future.

Treatment of malocclusion

Many malocclusion abnormalities – both in the youngest and in adults – can be cured with mobile braces. However, in the case of more serious problems, the orthodontist may recommend wearing a fixed appliance. In addition to treating malocclusion, they also serve to improve physiological short circuit between the maxilla and the mandible.

Movable braces

Removable braces require consistency above all. It should be put on for the whole night and minimum 4 hours a day. The orthodontist may also recommend special ones excercises for children that speed up the bite healing process. Additionally, it is necessary to bet on control visits, during which he corrects the apparatus on an ongoing basis, adjusting it to changes in the child’s teeth.

Fixed appliances

Permanent braces are most often installed in adults, but also in children who already have permanent teeth. Usually they consist of special brackets that are glued to the tooth and permanent rings cemented to the teeth. They are put on after the teeth have healed and is cleaned of tartar by an orthodontist who cleans them from sediment during check-up visits (every 4–6 weeks) and changes the braces settings accordingly. The treatment lasts about 2 years, after removing the fixed braces it is still necessary to wear the so-called retention apparatus, thanks to which the new bite is fixed.

Orthodontics in children

If we get our children used to eating semi-liquid products and using soothers or teething rings that distort the bite, we can be sure that it will result in incorrect jaw development. As a result, it will lead to the fact that teeth will not fit in them, which will result in their excessive crowding.

As a result, we will treat the child with periodontal disease, a problem with the temporomandibular joints, the presence of caries, and often also speech impediments. Unfortunately, we have been thinking for years that milk teeth are not essential. Meanwhile, their health and position are a guarantee of a correct bite in future. Therefore, in the case of a child’s curves, speech problems, or the so-called abnormal relationship between the jaws (regurgitation, one jaw protruding etc.), you should visit an orthodontist.

Good to know

However, it is worth knowing that orthodontics as a branch of dentistry is constantly developing. There are currently the most modern self-ligating devices on the market – thanks to the unique structure of the brackets allow to shorten the treatment time. There are also so-called aesthetic braces – which due to the materials used are practically invisible on the teeth. Each of them is slightly different – both construction and price range.

Our offer

Invisalign and Clear Aligner are braces in the form of transparent overlays (splints), made individually and based on the results of measuring the deflection of the patient’s teeth. The overlays are invisible, and most importantly – they can be removed, e.g. to brush your teeth.

These systems differ slightly:

  • Invisalign is provided for wearing each set of aligners of the same thickness for two weeks,
  • in the case of Clear Aligner, we get a set of overlays of different thickness and we wear each one in turn for a week.

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