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Dental prophylaxis – proper oral hygiene is broadly understood tooth care, thanks to which it is possible to avoid or delay the appearance of tooth decay or gum disease. It is a number of treatments that constitute an introduction or supplement to dental treatment, orthodontic, prosthetic, periodontics and implantology. Concerning health of our patients’ teeth, we not only perform preventive treatments, choosing them individually, but we also provide advice and instructions on thorough oral hygiene, which helps to maintain a beautiful smile throughout our lives.

Teeth Sandblasting

The aim of the teeth sandblasting treatment is to remove the deposits that are formed on their surface mainly as a result of smoking and drinking coffee and tea. It is made by using a professional dental sandblaster, which by combining a special powder and water, cleans the teeth under high pressure. Sandblasting is a completely painless procedure that does not require any application of anesthesia – repeated every six months, helps to improve the condition of the teeth and periodontium, preventing tooth decay and by eliminating the unpleasant smell from the mouth, which is a frequent problem for patients.

Tartar must be removed prior to further treatment and dental procedures. Scaling is a procedure that we should undergo every six months in order to prevent periodontitis diseases – in most cases it is painless, but removal of the subgingival calculus can be associated with unpleasant sensations, so it is possible to use anesthesia. It is performed with the help of:

  • technologically advanced ultrasonic scaler, using vibrations in the range of 15–50 thousand Hz, enabling the removal of tartar above and subgingival,
  • manually – using the so-called dental curettes.
    After tartar is removal, teeth may be sensitized for some time, which is why tooth surfaces are covered with a special fluorine varnish, which at the same time prevents root caries of teeth.

Teeth sealing

Sealing is a procedure involving the application of a special fluorine substance to the grooves of the teeth which protects them against tooth decay. It is especially recommended for children – in their case it seals up especially the furrows of newly erupted premolars and molars – but it can be made also in adults (after preparation of furrows). Varnished teeth should be subjected to controls every six months.

Teeth varnishing

Varnishing is a procedure in which smooth tooth surfaces are covered with varnish fluoride, which is to protect them against the appearance of caries. Additionally, it supports remineralization of carious discoloration (brown or white). The treatment is recommended for both children and adults – especially those struggling with tooth hypersensitivity, high risk of caries and wearing permanent braces correcting the occlusion. It is performed after scaling and sandblasting of teeth – it is worth remembering about it every six months.

Home prophylaxis

Our specialists also advise on the selection of an appropriate toothbrush (regular or electricity), toothpaste, brushing methods, the use of dental floss, the use of rinses or the use of irrigators. We invite you to consultations.