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Computed tomography of the sinuses

Computed tomography of the sinuses allows for a precise assessment of their condition and diagnosis of potential diseases. The image obtained during the examination is analyzed by an otolaryngologist, who uses it to determine the condition of soft tissues and bones and can clearly see the affected areas.


Computed tomography of the sinuses is an examination performed in case of suspicion of paranasal diseases and sinus inflammation. It allows you to see changes that are imperceptible in the X-ray examination. Another indication is the need to diagnose sinus damage, e.g. after injuries. Thanks to the examination, the doctor can precisely locate them.

It is also recommended in the case of suspected neoplastic tumors in the nasal cavity and sinuses. The examination enables the assessment of the size of the neoplasm and checking whether it does not form infiltrative changes.

How to prepare for the test

Immediately before the scan, remove all jewelry, empty pockets and follow the doctor’s instructions. It is important to inform the doctor about any ailments and medications during the prior consultation. Especially those containing bismuth, which has a negative impact on the quality of the scans obtained in the study. You should also inform a specialist about ailments that require the implementation of safety measures: asthma, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, allergies, hypothyroidism, multiple myeloma. These diseases may constitute a contraindication for the examination (to be decided by the doctor).

In the case of patients suffering from claustrophobia, it is possible to administer sedatives, enabling a calm and safe tomography. If you need a contrast test to get a more accurate picture of your sinuses, have your current TSH and serum creatinine results with you and go to the clinic on an empty stomach.

The course of the study

A computer tomograph is a device resembling a tube, into which the patient slides on a special bed. During the examination, a special scanner scans the sinuses, and the doctor observes its course from another room so as not to expose himself to radiation. The test result is read from the computer screen. In order not to disturb the image during the tomography, it is necessary to hold your breath and then breathe in between scans – this is explained by the doctor on the spot. Some patients are given a special contrast before the examination. As it can make you feel sick and dizzy, you may be asked to stay in the clinic for about an hour. The entire test may take several minutes.


The examination is painless, but due to the high value of ionizing radiation, as in the case of X-rays, it should not be performed too often and without a clear physician’s prescription. It is also important for the doctor to know about the patient’s pregnancy or the probability of being pregnant, as especially the first weeks are an absolute contraindication to computed tomography. During the examination, the fetus may be damaged! In our clinic, the results of computed tomography are assessed by an experienced otolaryngologist, specialist in surgical laryngology – Dr. Roman Głowacki.