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Cytology is a painless examination that makes it possible to detect precancerous conditions, it helps to prevent the development of one of the most dangerous cancers – killing many women every year: cervical cancer. Unfortunately, the developing disease does not give any characteristic symptoms. That is why it is so important to detect it as early as possible. Cytology is a realistic study that saves life. If it is possible to diagnose neoplastic changes early, the patient has a large chance of recovery. For this reason, it should be performed periodically and regularly, preferably once a year.

Women diagnosed with papillomavirus infection should be examined more often (every six months) human (HPV) responsible for the development of cervical cancer. And also ladies taking drugs such as immunosuppressants (weakening immunity) and patients with the so-called burdened genetically, with the risk of developing a serious disease or having symptoms of it).

Cytology can also detect genital tract infections and abnormal cells presence that threatens to develop cancer in the future.

The course of the study

The examination is completely painless. The patient sits on a gynecological chair and the doctor sits on a special mini chair. He collects cells from the cervix with the brush. Then the sample is sent for microscopic testing, where the diagnostician looks for the abnormal cells.

When should a cytology be performed?

Cytology should be performed by every woman who has started intercourse (regardless the age), as well as everyone aged 25 and over – no matter if they have sex or not. Women who are / have gone through the menopause should also be subjected to cytology – because during this period, the body experiences significant hormonal changes that may adversely affect the condition of health. Cytology should be performed between the 10th and 20th day of the monthly cycle – and, if there is such need, as indicated by your doctor.

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