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Desensitization, in other words – allergen immunotherapy, is the only way to treat the causes of allergic diseases. Other methods, such as pharmacotherapy, can only be complementary to immunotherapy and helps relieve symptoms, such as preventive avoidance of contact with allergenic factors. The aim of the treatment is to reduce the sensitivity of the patient’s body to allergens – and hence: gradual elimination of symptoms (or reduction of their severity).

In immunotherapy, vaccines (immunotherapy injection) or oral agents (desensitization) are used. The vaccines contain natural or modified allergen extracts, administered in gradually increasing doses. It is worth knowing that immunotherapy usually lasts from 3 to 5 years.

Qualification for immunotherapy

Qualification for immunotherapy takes place at the Allergology Clinic of the Medical Clinic Podhale. After performing tests and making a final diagnosis, and after discussing this issue with the patient – an allergist specialist decides whether or not to start desensitization.

Depending on what kind of allergens the patient is allergic to – year-round (e.g. dust,mites, hair of domestic animal) or seasonal (pollen) – the first immunotherapy begins at any time, while the second – before the season of occurrence of the allergen (eg. a few months before the grass pollination).

Recommendations for patients during immunotherapy

The following rules should be followed during immunotherapy:

  • carry out visits to the allergy clinic recommended by the doctor,
  • stay in the treatment room for at least half an hour after administration of the vaccine,
  • Record and meticulously communicate during the visit (before further doses of vaccines are given) all symptoms that occurred after leaving the doctor’s office,
  • immediately contact a doctor if the symptoms are disturbing,
  • avoid physical exertion after each injection,
  • avoid exposure to sensitizing substances,
  • take drugs only those approved by a doctor,
  • tell your doctor about any changes in treatment.


Contraindications to immunotherapy are health problems such as connective tissue diseases, immune deficiencies, cancer or unstable mileage of cardiovascular diseases. You should also not undergo therapy during viral and bacterial infections.
Nevertheless, some contraindications can be considered relative. This means that the decision about initiate desensitization will be taken by a doctor after an appropriate consultation.

We invite you to the Allergy Clinic of our clinic.