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Fundus tomography – OCT

OCT (optical coherence tomography), or optical coherence tomography of the fundus, is non-invasive, very precise examination that allows to capture the smallest changes within the eye’s retina and the optic nerve disc. This is possible thanks to the use of light and analysis of its reflectance from subsequent layers of the eye cross-section. Currently, it is one of the most modern diagnostic methods, allowing to obtain a precise, cross-sectional image of this organ in a non-contact manner.

Advantages of the study

Tomography enables:

  • conducting a thorough eye analysis by assessing three-dimensional tissue sections,
  • detection of potential changes in the retina,
  • assessment of detachments or the location of edema.

It is a diagnostic method that allows you to obtain a precise image thanks to the non-contact method penetrating deep into the tissue. Thanks to this, the examination is completely painless and can be repeated many times, for example to track the treatment progress of a given health issue. Fundus tomography does not pose a threat to pregnant women or the elderly – the test can be performed in every age.

In our clinic, tests are performed by experienced ophthalmologists – who can boast of many years career.