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st. Nowotarska 294,
34-431 Waksmund, Poland

General offer of a surgical clinic


As part of private treatments, we especially offer treatments related to dermatosurgery and treatment of various skin lesions. As part of the Surgical Clinic, we provide the following procedures:

  • surgical preparation of the wound,
  • removal of the ingrown nail,
  • removal of a skin birthmark (including histopathological examination),
  • removal of a tissue tumor (lipomas, atheromas, warts, including histopathological tests),
  • incision of an abscess, atheroma,
  • sewing the skin and subcutaneous tissue,
  • removal of another foreign body without incision,
  • immobilization, pressure and wound treatments,
  • cleansing the wound, infections and burns,
  • removal of the nail, nail bed or cuticle helix,
  • applying dressing to the wound,
  • skin biopsy.