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Laser vision correction – preparation for qualifying examination

Laser vision correction is an effective, minimally invasive and, above all, safe method of sight improvement. The qualifying examination, performed by an ophthalmologist, is the first stage in planning laser vision correction. Therefore, one should prepare for it properly. It is important to follow these rules before visiting the office. Otherwise performing the test, and thus – the procedure, may not be possible to perform.

What should be remembered before the qualifying examination?

What should be remembered before the qualifying examination? People who use contact lenses on a daily basis several weeks before the planned examination must stop putting them on. This is due to the fact that long-term wearing lenses, especially hard, temporarily reshapes the cornea – and a break in their use allows the cornea to return to natural shape. Therefore, the following recommendations are indicated:

  • for soft contact lenses, stop wearing them 2 weeks before research,
  • in the case of RGP or toric lenses – stop wearing them 3 weeks before the tests,
  • for hard contact lenses, stop wearing them one month before testing.

Eye protection after the examination

Due to the fact that during the qualifying examination, the doctor applies dilating drops to the patient – driving is forbidden after the examination. The vision after applying drops is blurry, in addition, they can cause dizziness and severe photophobia – therefore you should take sunglasses to the visit.

Information for Patients

Contraindication to laser vision correction surgery is pregnancy and breastfeeding. During this period, the female body is exposed to rapid hormonal changes that result in instability of the corneal topography and even visual acuity. The procedure can only be performed around six months after the end of feeding. It is also important not to stop taking contraceptives 3 months before and after the procedure.

Laser vision correction is a procedure performed in our clinic by an experienced specialist – surgical ophthalmologist, dr Łukasz Cwalina.