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st. Nowotarska 294,
34-431 Waksmund, Poland

Perioperative care

 A modern operating room

The operating theater in the Medical Clinic Podhale is equipped with a modern operating room with the latest generation of medical equipment. We provide 24-hour perioperative care. Our medical staff cares about the comfort and safety of our patients. Fully equipped rooms in the postoperative department are comfortable, modern, spacious 1 and 2-person, with a paging system, internet access, air conditioning, TV and toilet. Each patient also has a choice of preferred meals from the Clinic’s Menu. We enable the families of patients to stay overnight at the clinic as part of the “hotel day”. During the postoperative stay in our clinic, we support the processes of healing by various methods and therapies depending on the type of surgery that was carried out – so that the patient would like to return to normal function as soon as possible after the surgical intervention.

We use physical treatments accelerating healing, pain relief and regenerating, in line with the guidelines of the world’s leading organizations of post-operative rehabilitation. We offer a range of treatments in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and medical cosmetology which constitute complement surgery and accelerate postoperative wound healing processes.