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Plastic surgery of a short frenulum

Plastic surgery of the short frenulum is a one-day surgery procedure. Bridle it is a triangular fold of skin located between the foreskin and the ventral surface of the glans.

The occurrence of a short frenulum of the foreskin is often associated with birth defects, in a case of which it is already present in infants but usually arises from inflamatory conditions or past injuries. Their consequence is the formation of scars and shortening of the frenulum as well as abdominal curvature of the penis.

Symptoms related to the short frenulum

The main clinical symptom occurring in the vast majority of patients is pain in a penis. They are related to the stretching of the foreskin, which can not be completely drained away. They most often occur at the time of an erection, which if left untreated often leads to the limitation or complete abandonment of sexual intercourse. Men feel often embarrassed, and additionally afraid of telling their partner about their problem. Such a situation only deepens the distance and can have an irreversible effect on the relationship. In this case, there are additional accompanying ailments observed, such as:

  • problems with sleeping,
  • mood deterioration,
  • tendency to neuroses,
  • increased levels of aggression.

It is also worth knowing that in the case of severe scarring of the frenulum, there is a risk of breaking it, which is manifested by heavy bleeding, pain and burning. If you notice this problem, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible for urological consultation. During the visit, the doctor assesses the condition of the frenulum and implements appropriate treatment. Depending on the scale of the problem, it may be the complete removal of the frenulum or its plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery of a short frenulum

The frenuloplasty procedure, in other words, the plasticization of a short frenulum, involves cutting too short fibers and sewing them in a special way, so that it becomes stronger and longer.

It uses absorbable sutures, so it is not necessary to remove them. Usually the operation is performed as part of the so-called one-day surgery – under local anesthesia. It is also possible to use full anesthesia.

Post-treatment recommendations

The correction of the short frenulum requires strict adherence to medical recommendations, including:

  • special care for the hygiene of intimate places – as indicated by the urologist (usually it is a daily toilet based on the use of water and mild soap or soothing infusions with chamomile),
  • very gentle daily removal of the foreskin,
  • use of medications recommended by a specialist (these may be antibiotics prescribed for a period of several days)
  • to refrain from all sexual contact so that the surgical wound can recover without any problems (usually it takes about a month).

Compliance with these recommendations is a guarantee of the effectiveness of the treatment.