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Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment

Zespół policystycznych jajników

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder associated with the coexistence of several disorders, seemingly unrelated to each other:

  • hyperandrogenism (including hirsutism),
  • lack of or irregular ovulation,
  • metabolic disorders (obesity, insulin resistance),
  • abnormal results of the pituitary hormone FSH and LH.


The drug that is currently recommended to patients is the drug used in the treatment of diabetes – that is metformin. Although its original purpose did not indicate it, it turned out to be characterized by a much broader spectrum of activity. Administering it reduces the symptoms of hyperandrogenism, restores ovulation cycles and allows you to get pregnant. Additionally, taking it works on weight loss, so it is used in the majority of obese patients.

It is also worth mentioning that weight loss in obese patients should be supported appropriately by a balanced diet, exercise and psychological support.

The essence of the treatment of PCOS is multi-faceted therapy in which all the accompanying ones are taken into account of its ailments. For example, hyperandrogenism is fought with contraceptive drugs, often in combination with anti-androgenic drugs, and in case of problems with becoming pregnant, synthetic pituitary hormone FSH or drugs inducing ovulation are used.

We cordially invite you to consultations in the field of endocrinology and tests in our clinic, which performed by an experienced specialist, dr Edyta Runger-Kafara.