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Recommendations for patients after cataract surgery and implantation of an artificial intraocular lens

Healing a postoperative wound takes about one month and a half – during this time the patient may feel discomfort and feeling that there is a foreign body under the eyelid. This condition will gradually disappear. It is important to follow your eye doctor’s instructions carefully during recovery and attend check-ups and maintain a calm lifestyle, including:

  • avoid physical exertion,
  • bending over,
  • tightening of the abdominal muscles,
  • lifting heavy objects,
  • do not use hot baths and saunas,
  • not play sports.

It is also important not to sleep on the side of your face that you are operating on.

Eye protection and sprinkling

After cataract surgery or lens implantation, the eye is extremely sensitive to sudden pressure surges, contact with foreign bodies, to movement, as well as exposure to high temperatures.

When recovering, it is important to protect your eyes from the sun and wind (sunglasses with filter) and:

  • avoid squeezing the eyelids,
  • do not rub your eyes or put pressure on them (especially the upper eyelid),
  • in the event of pain symptoms or deterioration of vision, contact a doctor
  • wear a dressing for as long as a specialist advises,
  • be especially careful when bathing or showering to prevent shampoo or soap from getting into the eye,
  • use the drops prescribed by your doctor.

The drops should be used regularly and in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations – sprinkle them with thoroughly washed hands, pulling down the lower eyelid and without touching the tip of the eyelash or eyelid dispenser. It is important because it protects the eyes from the transmission of bacteria. Look up and instill the eye a then close them gently for about a minute without tightening. It is important to use only the product prescribed by your ophthalmologist and with a valid use-by date!

The task of the drops is to speed up the healing process and prevent potential infection. Unless your doctor decides otherwise, you can use the computer, watch TV and read. In case of wearing corrective glasses, it is worth removing the glass on the side of the operated eye or replacing it with the so-called “Zero grade” – glass without correction.

Adherence to the above-mentioned rules and giving special care towards the operated patient’s eye is a guarantee of minimizing potential postoperative complications.