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doctor Marcin Wolfinger

Aesthetic medicine specialist

Aesthetic medicine specialist

Dr Marcin Wolfinger is a neurologist and medical specialist of aesthetics. He has many years of experience in the field of treatment of the most difficult medical cases in the field of neurology and medicine of pain, as well as Chinese medicine. He was a participant in numerous domestic and foreign congresses, conferences and training courses in the field of aesthetic medicine, which is his true passion. He has been interested in for many years and also deal with issues in the field of regenerative medicine, processes of aging and anti-aging procedures.

*the current dates of doctors’ admissions are available by calling: +48 18 264 40 00

The doctor is also a member of several societies – including but not limited to Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Polish Anti-Aging Medical Society, Polish Society of Traditional Medicine Chinese, Scalp Acupuncture Association UK, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Polish Society for the Study of Pain. In our clinic – in the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic – Marcin Wolfinger will perform treatments with the use of:

  • hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite (filling wrinkles, face modeling, skin revitalization and rejuvenation, lip modeling),
  • botox (removing wrinkles and preventing their formation, treatment of migraine, treatment of bruxism, treatment of neuralgia, treatment of facial asymmetry),
  • fibrin and platelet-rich plasma (skin rejuvenation, treatment of local inflammation and scars)
  • stem cells and lipotransfer.

He also specializes in injection, lipolysis treatments, aimed at reducing adipose tissue – for example, to reduce double chin – and in aesthetic acupuncture. Constantly widening his skills and implements innovative, original ideas in the field aesthetic medicine, thanks to which he is able to carry out spectacular metamorphoses – visually rejuvenating their patients. He believes that proportions are the most important thing in beauty, so always recommends solutions adapted to the shape of the face or figure of a person.

Thanks to the treatments he carries out, both ladies and gentlemen gain not only a new, better look, but also self-confidence. By getting rid of their complexes, they can enjoy their new free personality. Enlargement of lips, bust, buttocks and waist modeling, eliminating wrinkles, furrows, sagging cheeks – all these treatments can be carried out at the doctor’s. Doctor Wolfinger consults patients in Polish and English.