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MD, PhD Zbigniew Giedrojć Juraha

 Plastic surgeon

Plastic surgeon

Talent, knowledge, precision, experience. Zbigniew Giedrojć – Juraha is an outstanding specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. The author of many scientific papers on plastic surgery, medical instruments’ designer, a lecturer.

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He is connected with Poland, Białystok in particular, in a special way – he spent there his adolescent years and started his employment history, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical College.

He expanded his knowledge at prestigious universities and clinics around the world. He graduated with honours from the Royale Collage of Surgeons in London as a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He was the head of a clinic at the University Hospital in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), one of the founders of the treatment center for congenital orofacial malformations, as well as the author of the plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery unit at the Venlo hospital in the Netherlands.

Since he likes taking up a challenge, he searched for innovative solutions in the field of reconstructive surgery and conducted research in the Netherlands and the United States. In the ’80s, he also worked in Asia and South America.

In his career, there is enough time for teaching plastic surgery to young adepts. He has lectured for students and doctors in the Netherlands and the University of Iowa in the United States, conducts seminars on cosmetic surgery, and willingly offers his experience to young plastic surgeons.

Despite his numerous achievements and recognition by the medical community, both in Poland and abroad, he is still striving for perfection, searching for new techniques to improve natural appearance. He impresses with boundless energy and passion.

The results of his work, a sense of aesthetics, manual dexterity and unheard-of experience, are highly appreciated by his patients. This confidence they place in him, is his main motivator for continuing his work.