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Children’s rehabilitation – using the Vojta method

Rehabilitation Center Medical Clinic Podhale

Children’s rehabilitation is a branch of rehabilitation that requires a physiotherapist not only to graduate high specialized courses, but above all, an appropriate approach to babies. At the rehabilitation Clinic of Medical Clinic Podhale, we deal with rehabilitation of children of all ages – from infancy to adulthood. Our therapists have extensive experience in diagnostics and treatment of children with orthopedic diseases, posture defects, also with neurological disorders of psychomotor development.

We try to make parents aware that the most important thing is prevention and performed diagnostics as soon as possible – thanks to this, the implementation of therapy gives a chance for the proper development of the child.

We work using world-renowned therapies, but we approach each patient individually and with special attention. We train with the child, stimulating his nervous system and activating innate movement abilities, thanks to which we achieve the best results.

Vojta method

Vojta children’s therapy is dedicated especially to children who have the so-called locks, hindering their proper motor skills. We deal with the rehabilitation of patients with the following conditions / problems:

  • muscle tone disorders,
  • asymmetry of body position,
  • torticollis,
  • cerebral palsy
  • hip dysplasia,
  • knee and foot defects,
  • paralysis of the shoulder plexus,
  • movement delay
  • genetic syndromes (Williams syndrome, Down syndrome),
  • problems with defecation,
  • posture defects (e.g. scoliosis),
  • abnormalities in gait.

We invite you to take advantage of the experience of our specialists! Children’s rehabilitation is
a chance to reduce your child’s ailments.