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High energy laser

Acceleration of healing and regeneration processes

Laser light, capable of penetrating deeply and safely through the patient’s body, is an excellent and effective remedy for many health problems located within the organ’s movement, muscles and soft tissues. Thanks to its application and stimulation of the sore and changed diseases or traumas, it is possible to accelerate the healing and regeneration processes of most biological tissues.


The indications for the use of laser therapy include:

  • fractures, sprains,
  • degenerative joint diseases,
  • contusions of muscles and tissues,
  • pain syndromes, e.g. tennis elbow, heel spur,
  • tendinitis,
  • rheumatological arthritis (RA),
  • inflammation of the sacroiliac joints,
  • purulent skin infections, acne, shingles, herpes, scars,
  • leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns.