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Manual therapy

Treatment of joints, spine and muscles

Manual therapy is a branch of physiotherapy focused on the treatment of joints, spine and muscles. It is based on the use of safe and effective manual techniques aimed at mobilization painful or suffering from other ailments places on the patient’s body, manipulation of the joints and influencing soft tissues (fascia, ligaments, tendons, muscles), and through them on the system nervous.

Educational therapy

Simultaneously, our physiotherapists teach the patient what factors can trigger specific pain symptoms (e.g. stress, incorrect movement patterns or body posture) and how to avoid them – this part is what we call educational therapy in combination with manual techniques, which allows the patient to get rid of the symptoms for a long time and restore normal mobility in blocked parts of the body (e.g. the spine or peripheral joints).

Treatment methods

Treatment methods are selected by the therapist after consultation with the patient. Depending on the area of the body affected by pain, it may be used:

  • mobilization, that is, influencing the joints in order to increase their mobility,
  • neuromobilization, that is, acting on the nerves,
  • fascial techniques aimed at releasing the resulting restrictions,
  • manipulation for the quick activation of a given pond,
  • pain relief techniques for soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles).

Visit to a physiotherapist

Manual therapy is also an opportunity to consult a therapist about your ailments during the visit (it is worth taking any X-ray or MRI test results with you). Our specialists will choose appropriate therapy and the number of treatments necessary to fully improve the patient’s health. The average number of visits depends on the type of disease, cooperation with the therapist and individual regenerative possibilities.

A single therapeutic session lasts up to 45 minutes, and the exact time is set by the physiotherapist, depending on the type of therapy chosen technique. Therapeutic sessions are divided into two parts: treatment and self-therapy lessons.

The treatment part includes:

  • interview,
  • interpretation of test results (X-ray, tomography),
  • manual examination,
  • manual treatment.


Our physiotherapists teach patients the so-called self-therapy, which consists of such elements as:

  • individual exercises to consolidate the effects of the treatment,
  • the ability to perform self-therapy in the event of ailments,
  • practical change of negative movement patterns,
  • prophylaxis.


Among the indications for treatments, there are a dozen or so ailments within the spine and limbs.


  • pain related to disc diseases (damage to the intervertebral disc, protrusions and disc herniation),
  • spinal headaches,
  • pain radiating to the extremities, related to pressure and irritation of the nerve roots (the so-called
  • stiffness due to contracture or blockage of the intervertebral joints and sacroiliac,
  • pains caused by osteoarthritis of the intervertebral joints (arthrosis),
  • aches and pains caused by increased muscle tension.


  • pain caused by damage to muscles, tendons, attachments to the bones,
  • arthrosis – arthrosis of the joints: knee, hip, shoulder, etc.,
  • post-traumatic conditions and after orthopedic procedures in the area of ​​bones, joints, ligaments, muscles,
  • preparation for planned surgical procedures, eg joint replacement (endoprostheses) and
    improvement after surgery,
  • joint stiffness caused by degeneration,
  • shortening or increasing muscle tension, changing body posture and overloading other tissues,
  • joint stiffness due to immobilization (plaster).

The following are the contraindications for performing manual therapy procedures:

  • fractures,
  • neoplastic changes of the skeletal system,
  • acute inflammation,
  • osteoporosis,
  • pregnancy.

We cordially invite you to consultations at the rehabilitation center of our clinic and treatments by our specialists at our clinic.