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Sports rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is a branch of physiotherapy dedicated to people who practice sports both professionally and amateurish – who are particularly prone to pain, injuries and serious ailments. It combines knowledge of tissue physiology and prophylaxis in sport, classic rehabilitation and functional analysis of the musculoskeletal system.


We offer our patients rehabilitation:

  • after injuries,
  • preparing for planned surgical procedures,
  • post-operative care.

Additionally, as the only facility in Podhale, we have a professional cryochamber- a device used for cold treatment – perfectly regenerating muscles and helpful in other sports injuries. We make every effort to enable patients to return to physical activity and full health as soon as possible. An experienced team of physiotherapists takes care of this.


Prevention is also important to us – thanks to which you can avoid many health problems in sport – we provide patients with movement patterns, thanks to which they maintain optimal functionality of the musculoskeletal system, and above all, they will prevent further injuries.

Athletes who trusted us

At the Medical Clinic Podhale, we had the pleasure of hosting many famous sportsmen – such as:

  • Justyna Kowalczyk – a ski runner, Olympic champion and multimedia player
  • Competitors from TatrySki KH Podhale S.A. Nowy Targ – the most successful hockey club player in Poland, 19-time Polish Champion, two-time Polish Cup winner
  • Maciej Kot – a Polish representative in ski jumping, the jumper of the A team
  • Sabina Majerczyk – Polish representative in Alpine Skiing, multiple medalist. Polish Junior Champion (SL), New Zealand Champion (GS)
  • Magdalena Kozielska – a ski runner, mountain runner, club player of UKS Regle Kościelisko, 5th player of the Dolomites 2014 World Cup
  • players from the Nowy Targ Fighting Sports Club

We invite you to take advantage of the experience of our physiotherapy specialists.