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Ballooning the sinuses

Ballooning the sinuses

The paranasal sinuses are prone to swelling from viral infections (e.g. flu) that lead to the closing of their connections with the nasal cavity. The secretion that collects in them is a perfect habitat for bacteria, which results in the appearance of superinfections (complications), and ultimately leads to chronic inflammations difficult to heal. One of the treatments for this type of ailments is endoscopic sinus ballooning. It is an effective, safe and minimally invasive treatment of paranasal sinuses: maxillary, frontal and wedge. It consists in introducing a catheter with a special balloon, which is then filled with fluid for a few seconds under a pressure of several atmospheres.

The course of the procedure

Thanks to the use of a guide made of a soft and flaccid optical fiber, the doctor fully controls the position of the catheter. Light shines through the patient’s skin to indicate its exact location. In addition, the delicate material of the guide protects the tissues in the operating field from damage, which makes the procedure safe and minimally invasive. After inserting the light guide into the sinus, the balloon is filled with pressurized fluid.

As a result, the sinuses are effectively and permanently cleared. The minimum time for this operation protects the mucous membrane from damage and allows to maintain its function necessary for proper maintenance of sinus function. Then, the otolaryngologist rinses the remaining secretion from the inside of the sinuses.


The opening of the blocked sinuses allows their drainage and drying – which results in permanent sinusitis restoring their proper functioning. Tissues are not removed during ballooning – the procedure is bloodless and does not require stitches or dressings.

In the Medical Clinic Podhale, treatments are performed by experienced otolaryngologists with many years of professional experience and vast medical knowledge. One of them is dr Roman Głowacki – otolaryngologist with many years of experience, participant of many prestigious trainings and international courses in the field of minimally invasive endoscopic techniques.

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