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Conchoplasty is a procedure aimed at reducing the volume of the mucosa of the lower nasal turbinates. Currently, one of the best and most frequently used treatments for turbinate hyperplasia, conchoplasty is performed by a minimally invasive and safe method of radiosurgery. Treatment is performed under local anesthesia as part of what is known as one-day surgery.


Inferior turbinate hypertrophy may result in troublesome health problems for the patient, among which can be mentioned:

  • chronic infections,
  • deterioration of the sense of smell,
  • recurrent rhinitis
  • and problems with nasal breathing.

The listed ailments, consulted with a specialist – otolaryngologist, may be an indication for the conchoplasty procedure.

The course of the procedure

During the procedure, the doctor places special electrodes under the mucosa of the nasal turbinates and tissue is stimulated with radio frequency waves. As a result, they arise within the operated area causing small intranasal scars, which in turn results in shrinkage of the turbinates and reduction of their volumes.

The procedure takes only about half an hour. This means that the patient can go home on the same day and take care of everyday activities. The effects of the treatment are observed after about 2 weeks when there is an actual reduction of the auricle.

Post-treatment recommendations

After the procedure, the patient should strictly follow the medical recommendations and follow the instructions below:

  • limit physical effort,
  • maintain adequate humidity of the nasal cavity,
  • open your mouth when you sneeze to minimize pressure build up in the nasal cavity.

It is also worth using vasoconstrictors – if recommended by a specialist.

Minimal invasiveness

At the Medical Clinic Podhale, we use the coblation method to perform conchoplasty. It is method using the energy of electromagnetic waves. Thanks to this, it is minimally invasive, the least painful and bleeding-bleeding surgical technique that does not damage the tissue around the operated site and allows wounds to heal as quickly as possible, accelerating convalescence after treatment.

Conchoplasty is carried out by a specialist with many years of experience – an otolaryngologist specializing in minimally invasive surgeries: Dr Roman Głowacki. We invite you to the ENT clinic for doctor’s consultation, during which he will assess the nose and decides to qualify a patient for the procedure.