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Face, neck and forehead lifting

2-3 hours
10-14 days

Lifting is a surgical way to rejuvenate your appearance. The skin of the face is gradually sagging with time. As a result, it gives an image of the skin “sagging”, “flowing” on a face in line with gravity. In addition, deeper tissues are also stretched.

The essence of the treatment is to lift and smooth the face oval by reducing excessive skin on cheeks and neck and facial muscle tension. In addition, body fat is sometimes also reduced around the neck.

There are several methods of surgery from which to choose the best one for the patient. First of all, among others, his/her anatomical structure takes into account.

Medical consultation

Lifting is preceded by a consultation with a doctor, during which:

  • a medical interview and examination are performed,
  • the patient’s expectations and possible effects are discussed,
  • the scope of surgical activities and postoperative care is planned and discussed,
  • potential postoperative complications are discussed,
  • the date of the operation is set.

Examination before surgery

Before the lifting procedure, the patient must perform several types of tests, such as:

  • testing of bleeding and blood clotting time (coagulation system),
  • morphology with smear,
  • general urine test,
  • creatinine level test,
  • anti-HBs and anti-HCV tests,
  • ionogram,
  • fasting glucose test,
  • ECG.

It is also possible to order a patient to perform additional tests – in accordance with doctor’s indications during consultation.

The course of the procedure

Lifting is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with the so-called sedation. Sedation in other words, administering to the patient pharmacological agents (a low dose of sleeping pills or a sedative) that reduce the activity of the central nervous system. The treatment continues about 3-4 hours.

Treatment details

The skin and subcutaneous tissue are dissected by a plastic surgeon from deeper tissues – and then pulled up. Its excess is reduced, while the skin cuts are hidden inside the hair and in front of or behind the earlobe.

It usually takes about 7-10 days to remove the sutures. Swelling and bruising last around 2 weeks, and then gradually stops.

Recommendations before surgery

  • for a period of 2 weeks before the planned procedure, you must not take any medications that may cause problems blood clotting, such as, for example, salicylates (Aspirin, Polopyrin, etc.), Acard or vitamin E, eliminate garlic, ginger and ginseng from food,
  • 2 weeks before the surgery, you should stop smoking (you must not return to the addiction by 6 weeks after surgery),
  • one week before the procedure, you must not drink alcohol, 2 weeks before the procedure, sunbathing is contraindicated,
  • before the operation, do not use makeup (do not use any cosmetics or creams),
  • 2 weeks before the examination, the above-mentioned tests should be performed.

Postoperative recommendations

After the surgery, the skin will be very sensitive and tense. Additionally, for several months, may give the impression of “not yours”. Thus, it is necessary to protect it from injury and you also should avoiding exposure to sunlight. It is also important to follow all of additional advice and guidance from a doctor.

In our clinic, lifting treatments are carried out by experienced specialists who can boast with many years of professional career.