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Frozen shoulder arthrolysis

Frozen shoulder arthrolysis is a surgical procedure that allows the release of a joint shoulder inflammation of the articular capsule of the shoulder-scapular joint. It is a serious medical condition also called a frozen shoulder. Characteristic for its course is the occurrence of increasing pain associated with emerging of pathological changes, such as: thickening of the joint capsule, shrinkage and the formation of adhesions. These ailments result in a reduction in the volume of the joint and progressive limitation of mobility. As a result, the joint stiffens and the functions of the affected limb are completely impaired. Therefore, it is important to make a proper diagnosis and start therapy and rehabilitation as soon as possible, to regain full movement.


In this case, freezing means a complete lack of mobility within the inflamed joint, which also affects – apart from the joint capsule – the tendons in the shoulder area, synovial bursae, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. The characteristic symptoms include:

  • stabbing, severe shoulder pain radiating to the neck or arm
  • worsening of pain during rest or sleep – due to swelling occurring in the structures affected by the disease,
  • restriction of mobility and pain when carrying out the simplest everyday activities (combing hair, driving a car),
  • a creaking noise when moving the shoulder and a feeling of rubbing.

In addition, the pathological process taking place in the shoulder and pain may cause depression in patients and contribute to the occurrence of serious mental problems.

Treatment of a frozen shoulder

Conservative treatment, which can last up to about two years, consists of drug therapy and implementation of rehabilitation. It is worth mentioning that an attempt to overcome the pain and speed up recovery from the disease through too intense exercise, results in a recurrence of ailments and freezing of the shoulder function. If the recommended rehabilitation is not effective, it is necessary to undergo arthroscopic surgery based on cutting the articular capsule, and then removing the adhesions, freeing the joint and restoring movable property within it to the patient. Surgical treatment is supported by the aforementioned several-month treatment of rehabilitation, which is selected individually and modified depending on the progress of convalescence.

Qualification and preparation for the procedure

During the consultation, the orthopedist performs detailed diagnostics and orders the patient to perform tests, thanks to which he can qualify a patient for the procedure. On t he same occassion, he asks about possible other health ailments and medications taken on a regular basis. About 2 weeks before the surgery, he orders the patient to perform basic tests, such as: a blood group count, electrolytes, sugar level, liver tests, coagulation system, ECG, chest image description, urinalysis. “Important” is also required for arthroscopy vaccination against hepatitis B (hepatitis B).

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