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Functional nose correction – rhinoseptoplasty

90-120 minut
10-14 days

Functional nose correction

Rhinoseptoplasty it is a surgical nose correction performed under full anesthesia. It aims at improvement of its aesthetics (elimination of deformations) combined with restoring the correct functions like breathing or smell. The same – except for the operation of the external part of a nose – includes, for example, treatment of nasal septum deviation or turbinate hypertrophy.

It is a procedure that preserves the existing bone and cartilage structures (to support soft tissue) while displacing existing tissues instead of removing them. The surgeon’s interference is slight, and the operation itself is called minimally invasive.

Eligibility for surgery

Patients eligible for rhinoseptoplasty are primarily:

  • who suffer from nasal breathing problems,
  • have post-traumatic or postoperative nose deformities,
  • whose nose does not match the shape or size of the rest of the
  • face (humped, too wide, withasymmetrical tip, crooked).


During the consultation, the specialist conducts a thorough nose analysis. It focuses on both- an aesthetic and functional problem concerning it. Then he discusses the patient’s expectations regarding the final appearance after the surgery. The doctor also makes photo documentation of the patient’s face and discusses the procedure with him in detail.

Post-treatment recommendations

Rhino-septoplasty ends with the application of a stiffening and stabilizing dressing by the doctor outside the nose, and with delicate dressings and soft silicone plates inside.

Removal of dressings and sutures

Nasal dressings are usually removed the day after surgery. However, after a few days the silicone plates holding the partition are removed. In turn, the sutures and outer dressing are pulled down in about 7 days and replaced with patches stuck to the bridge of the nose. This is to reduce swelling and accelerate healing.
In the postoperative period, avoid physical exertion and protect the nose from possible injuries and refrain from wearing glasses. It is also inadvisable to dive and use sauna.

Good to know

The patient must be prepared for:

  • a nose swelling (slight swelling may last for several months),
  • light nosebleeds and eyelid hematomas lasting 2-3 weeks.

Rhinoseptoplasty is a procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. It lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and it may take from six months to a year for the nose to heal fully.

Our offer

At Medical Clinic Podhale, we use the most modern equipment and operative techniques with the use of endoscopes and radiosurgery devices. Thanks to this, time of the procedure is limited, and at the same time the recovery period of our patients is significantly shortened.

The doctors cooperating with us are the best national specialists in this field, who can boast about many years of medical practice and vast professional experience.