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Laser vision correction

Advantages of laser vision correction

Among the advantages of this method of vision correction, first of all, is safety and effectiveness – additionally, the procedure is short-lasting, performed in the so-called outpatient and is totally painless. On the other hand, the effects are noticeable a few days after the treatment and are lasting, restoring comfort of life for the patient.

Eligibility for surgery

To qualify for the procedure, please book an appointment with our specialist – dr. Łukasz Cwalina, during which he will conduct an interview regarding possible diseases of a patient, potentially excluding the procedure, will also perform the necessary tests and finally assess the possibility of laser correction.

Conditions for qualifying for laser vision correction and contraindications.

The most important thing in this method is to have stabilized vision defect – therefore laser vision correction is performed in people over 21 years of age. Additionally, the surgery is not performed in pregnant or breastfeeding women and in people prone to keloids (scar hypertrophy). Carrying it out also excluded by such ailments as:

  • diabetes,
  • autoimmune diseases, e.g. Sjögren’s syndrome, lupus,
    severe allergies and atopy,
  • connective tissue diseases – e.g. RA, scleroderma,
  • psoriasis,
  • eye diseases: eye shingles, glaucoma, cataracts, viral keratitis, nystagmus, vascular diseases,
  • detachment and some degeneration of the retina,
  • corneal degeneration,
  • dry eye syndrome.

Recommendations on the day of surgery

On the day of the procedure, you should follow the doctor’s instructions and show up at the clinic at the appointed time – in comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. Before the visit, do not drink caffeinated beverages nor alcohol. It is also important not to apply makeup and wash your face and head thoroughly. In in sunny weather, you should bring sunglasses to protect your eyes after the surgery.

Modern laser equipment

At the Ophthalmology Clinic, we perform laser vision correction procedures with the use of the excimer. It is one of the most modern equipment of this type in the world. It produces a double beam of rays with the smallest possible diameter (0.5mm), which enables a non contact, extremely precise and accurate correction in a short time. The laser is equipped with an energy stabilization system and an eyeball tracking system in five plans. Thanks to this, undesirable side effects are eliminated.

Laser vision correction surgery is a safe and effective way to get rid of the defect and glasses. It allows you to regain visual comfort quickly.