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Miniphlebectomy is a surgical technique used in vascular surgery – used especially in treatment of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. The procedure is usually performed in local anesthesia. It involves removal of inefficient venous branches.with the use of specialized surgical instruments inefficient venous.

In this technique, micro incisions are made – usually 2–3 mm – thanks to which the procedure performed is considered minimally invasive and safe for the patient. Additionally, it only causes minor pain, and in most cases it doesn’t even require stitches. After a few days, it is possible to return to professional activity.


Miniphlebectomy is a procedure especially recommended for patients with diagnosed extensive tangles and varicose veins impossible to remove and cure with sclerotherapy. It is also dedicated for those with whom sclerotherapy did not bring the desired cosmetic and therapeutic effects. It can be used in combination with other techniques such as e.g. laser therapy.

It is performed on an outpatient basis. The most common basis for referring a patient for surgery is performing Doppler examination – a non-invasive and completely painless ultrasound of the veins. The Dopler camera measures blood flow through the vessels and precise determination of venous capacity.

The course of the procedure

Before starting the procedure, the doctor marks the changed veins – a patient is asked to confirm it in standing and lying position, thanks to which the marking of areas to be treated is easier. The patient’s skin should be clean and hairless. However, they shouldn’t be epilated or shaven on the day of the procedure to avoid irritation. Then the doctor injects spots around the varicose veins with an anesthetic and proceeds to the procedure, which usually takes about an hour (depending on the number of varicose veins necessary for surgery).

Recommendations after surgery

After the miniphlebectomy is performed, the doctor places a dressing and tourniquet on the operated areas. Patients should use the so-called compression therapy, i.e. wearing a headband for a period of about 3 weeks. Immediately after the treatment – up to about 4 days – avoid contact with water. For some time (appointed by a doctor) is also prohibited from driving. Physical exertion should also be avoided during recovery.


Microflebectomy is so safe and non-invasive that only skin inflammations in the area intended for surgery, and thrombosis involving superficial veins can be mention as contraindications.