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Raising eyebrows

90 – 120 minutes
7 to 10 days

Raising eyebrows is a surgical procedure that makes it possible to visually rejuvenate face, getting a cheerful face and an open gaze. Eyebrows frame eyes – they give a face a character, express emotions. Low set, combined with the wrinkles on the forehead, undoubtedly give the effect of a tired, aged face with a sad or nervous expression. It is worth knowing that the procedure aims not only to raise the eyebrow line, but also to reduce forehead wrinkles and correct of upper eyelid wrinkles gently. The postoperative effect makes the appearance more attractive and it is very long.

Consultation with a doctor

A specialist in plastic surgery qualifies for the eyebrow lift procedure consultation, during which:

  • an examination and a medical interview are carried out,
  • preferences / expectations are discussed,
  • the course of the procedure and the scope of postoperative care are discussed,
  • the date of the operation is set,
  • the scope of additional tests that the patient must perform is determined.

Tests required to perform the procedure

The eyebrow lift procedure – like any invasive surgical operation – requires the patient to perform standard tests and possibly additional tests ordered by a doctor:

  • testing of bleeding and blood clotting time (coagulation system),
  • morphology with smear,
  • blood group,
  • creatinine,
  • anti Hbs,
  • anti HCV,
  • ionogram,
  • total urine,
  • fasting glucose
  • ECG,
  • tests ordered individually during consultations.

The tests should be performed about 2 weeks before the procedure. It is only possible with correct results.

The course of the procedure

The eyebrow lifting takes about two hours and is performed under full anesthesia. It is based on making an incision at the root of the hair, making it possible to tighten the skin, modify its muscle activity and raising the eyebrows to the desired height. The scars after the surgery remain practically invisible because they are hidden under patient’s hair.

Pre-procedure recommendations

One month before the operation, you should give up smoking – to avoid the risk of healing disorders or potential infection.

You should not take acid-containing medications for about 2 weeks before the procedure especially salicylic (anti-inflammatory and analgesic, e.g. aspirin, polopyrin), ibuprofen, paracetamol etc . They prolong the time of blood clotting, which increases the risk of bleeding during the procedure.

It is equally important to prohibit the use of other preparations that affect blood clotting (e.g. garlic or herbs such as St. John’s wort, chamomile). However, about 3 days before the procedure, alcohol should be discontinued.

In addition, it is also contraindicated to tan a face for 14 days before the procedure. What is more, do not use makeup (do not use foundation, mascara or creams).

Post-treatment recommendations

The sutures after the eyebrow lift procedure are removed after about 10 days. For a month after the surgery it is necessary to lead a calm lifestyle, avoid sauna and swimming pool as well as intense physical exertion and follow your doctor’s instructions. Additionally, the face must not be sunbathed.

Following the indicated recommendations is a prerequisite for achieving the full aesthetic effect and opportunities to enjoy a beautiful appearance. Raising the eyebrow is a procedure performed in our clinic by plastic surgery specialists.