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Removal of tonsils – tonsillectomy

60 minutes
3-4 days


Removal of the palatine tonsils is called tonsillectomy – it’s the medical name for this procedure. The palatine tonsils are part of the lymphatic system – located on the border of the digestive system and respiratory system. Their function is to protect the upper respiratory tract against pathogens penetrating the body, so simply against infections. They constitute a cluster of lymphoid tissue, which consists of cells involved in the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. Additionally, they are an organ that adapts the immune system to the environment around us during the period of childhood.

Sometimes, however, the tonsils become infected too often and the hypertrophy they cause obstruction of the airway – this is dangerous especially for children who can suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. In that case, consider their removal.

Indications for the removal of tonsils

Tonsillectomy is indicated in the case of people with:

  • recurrent bacterial infections of the tonsils (3–4 per year),
  • peritonsillar inflammatory infiltrates,
  • tonsil abscesses,
  • dangerous bacteria in the tonsils that can cause inflamatory conditions
  • inflammatory heart, kidney and joint inflammation,
  • hypertrophy that makes breathing and swallowing difficult,
  • other diseases that may get worse with it
  • chronic tonsillitis: e.g. heart valve disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, nephritis,
  • suspicion of tonsil cancer.

The course of the procedure

Removal of the palatine tonsils is usually performed under anesthesia and is therefore considered aa a painless procedure. The most common method is the classic method, where the doctor puts retractor in the mouth of a the patient, that allows a precise visibility of the operated area, and then dissects extracapsular tonsils from the muscles of the side of the pharynx. Bleeding vessels are tied or closed by pressure or diathermy. The second method is to remove the tonsils with application of diode laser.

Postoperative recommendations

After the surgery, the patient remains in the clinic for one day. Then he goes home and carries daily activities with recommendation:

  • use of painkillers,
  • avoiding physical exertion for a month,
  • use a semi-liquid diet for 2 weeks,
  • report to designated medical checks.

In our clinic, treatments are performed by an experienced specialist – otolaryngologist, Dr Roman Głowacki. We cordially invite you to consult us.