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Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed procedures in the field of plastic surgery. At the same time, it is also one of the most difficult operations, unlike many other plastic operations. In selection of this surgical technique, experience and creativity of a plastic surgeon play essential influence on the final result of the procedure.

Solving health and aesthetic problems

The nose is the most exposed part of the face and largely determines its appearance. A humped, too big, too small, crooked or disproportionate nose can really disfigure, which in many cases leads to the appearance of complexes. Not accepting your own appearance may lead to mental problems.

Additionally, the inner, deformed bony part of the nose can cause breathing problems. The deformities may be congenital or may occur as a result of an injury. At the same time, nose correction can be a solution that not only enables you to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, but also a remedy for functional ailments.

First consultation

During the conversation with the plastic surgeon, you can define your wishes and expectations. The specialist will talk about the possibilities of performing the procedure, discuss medical matters and health. Additionally, he will inform you about possible complications related to the procedure.

A plastic surgery consultant will inform you about possible dates of surgery and any other formalities related to the stay at the clinic, including payments, postoperative checks. You will also be informed about the necessary examinations that you should undergo before the surgery.

Before the surgery

A week before the procedure, it is recommended to discontinue blood thinners, such as Aspirin, Acard etc . It is also forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke. It is associated with high the risk of complications after surgery, such as bleeding, infections, prolonged wound healing. Thus, it may adversely affect the expected result of the operation. Additionally, you should take vitamin C and follow all other medical recommendations.

Rhinoplasty - surgical procedure

The patient should come to the clinic without make-up or jewelry, in loose clothes that do not restrict movement. In the clinic, photos are taken that constitute the documentation of the patient. Then, after final determination of surgery plan, the patient goes to the operating room, where the anesthesiologist gives anesthesia.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 1-2 hours. The plastic surgeon starts the procedure. He makes cuts – mostly inside the nose – a then models the cartilage and bone skeleton according to the plan. Postoperative wounds are sutured with absorbable thread. Then she introduces small setons into her nose and covers her nose with a modeling dressing.

After treatment

The patient goes, assisted by a nurse, to the recovery room, where in most cases stays until the next day. He has cooling compresses on his eyes to prevent excessive swelling. The next day, setons are removed from the nose and a facial toilet is performed. The patient gets postoperative instructions, timing of inspection, after which, assisted by another person, he can go back home.

Further recommendations

In case of pain, you can take a painkiller, eg Paracetamol 1g every 6 hours, but usually not necessarily. In the following days, compresses are no longer needed, you can move freely. Between days 9-10, the modeling dressing is removed. Sometimes slight bruising and swelling last a little longer. However, it should be remembered that the overall final result will be visible after a period of three to six months. As a rule, the effect of nose correction surgery is permanent.

Possible complications and risks

The healing process can lead to some inequalities that can be after some time corrected. Rhinoplasty is an operation and, like any other, it carries the risk of complications such as bleeding, infection, which in turn affects prolonged healing. However, in this case, such complications are very rare.

We invite you to the plastic surgery ward of our clinic, where you can undergo plastic surgery of a nose which are carried out by the experienced specialists.