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Scar correction

30-45 minutes
1-2 days

Scar Correction is a surgical procedure that requires scars for various reasons of interventions of this type: impairing mobility, overly bulging or leading to growth disturbance in certain body areas, but also simply not accepted by the patient. Different types of scars can be treated with this therapy – after injuries, burns or surgery.

The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the size operated area – it is based on cutting the tissue and suturing the wound. Can be combined with separation of subcutaneous tissue and correcting such abnormalities as excess tissue around the scar or consequences of purulent changes within it. Local correction reduces the tension around the scar – and the scar itself becomes less visible. It is also very important to create ideal healing conditions – making it possible to achieve the best effect of surgical intervention.

Plastic correction of "Z" and "W"

One of the methods of correcting a scar is cutting out its so-called broken line – taking shape of the repeated letter “z” or “w”. It is recommended especially in the case of long scars – thanks to this method, a new scar heals faster and easier, the tension around the scar is reduced, and the “serrated” line is reduced and it is definitely less visible.

Classification for the treatment

Classification for surgery takes place in the General Surgery Clinic or the Plastic Surgery Clinic. During the consultation, the doctor selects the best method that will allow you to reduce the scar and make it more aesthetic.

The treatment time depends on the size of the corrected area. After correction, occurrence of mild pain is possible that will be relieved by oral painkillers. It is important to care for the operated area properly and follow the doctor’s instructions. Thanks to this, we will avoid complications, which include infection, suture separation or the appearance of hematomas.

Wound healing can be promoted by the use of compression dressings and ointments with onion extract. It is also important not to expose the scar to the sun, so we can avoid unsightly discoloration.

We cordially invite you to the General Surgery Clinic, where treatments are performed by experienced general surgery specialists.