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Sclerotherapy is a safe and non-invasive procedure used in the so-called spider veins and small varicose veins. It is performed on an outpatient basis, and its advantage is that it is almost painless – the feelings of patients depend on individual sensitivity, but it does not require anesthesia. Additionally, it does not damage tissues and can be performed in patients at any age, and the patient can return to activity on the day of the procedure.

What is the procedure

Sclerotherapy is based on the introduction of preparations into the diseased blood vessel, causing its walls to contract and then causing controlled inflammation. The drug is administered with very fine needles through a few fine needles punctures. The inflammation they cause leads to edema of the endothelium and gradual closure the vessel, lasting about a week. This is followed by fibrosis and vessel atrophy. In the final phase of the treatment process, it is no longer visible.

A single treatment session usually lasts about half an hour. It is best to perform sclerotherapy in fall / winter period when the body is not exposed to the sun. To get the desired effect, usually several sessions are performed at specific intervals between each session. Usually, patients finish treatment with a positive effect after 4–6 treatments.

Pre-procedure consultation

During the medical consultation preceding the sclerotherapy procedure, the patient is asked for information needed to prepare for treatment. Additionally, the doctor conducts an interview in which he asks about the medications taken by the patient, especially anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, aspirin) or anticoagulants and about possible diseases that may constitute a contraindication to performing the procedure.


The contraindications for sclerotherapy include:

  • having diabetes,
  • allergy to substances contained in the drug,
  • recent deep vein inflammation,
  • unhealed leg swelling,
  • taking medications to reduce blood clotting.

Recommendations before and after surgery

It is important that you do not lubricate your legs with any specific agents about a day before the sclerotherapy treatment (cosmetics, gels, ointments) and do not depilate or shave them, as any irritation and reddening of the skin makes it difficult to see the blood vessels.

After the treatment, it is forbidden to heat the skin, i.e. to use the sauna, hot baths or sunbathing the treated places. You should also avoid long standing periods for about 2 weeks as well as sitting and exercising. It is also necessary to wear special tights or bands compression (for about 2–3 weeks).

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