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Removal of asymmetry

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove asymmetry within the nasal septum. The curve of the partition is a disease of varying severity and may be congenital or acquired for instance after experienced injuries (including perinatal injuries).

Symptoms of having a nasal septum curve qualifying the patient for surgery are:

  • unilateral or bilateral nasal obstruction,
  • recurring infections of the upper respiratory tract,
  • snoring and trouble breathing through the nose while sleeping,
  • deterioration of the sense of smell,
  • chronic exudative otitis media,
  • periodic clogging of the ears,
  • recurrent nosebleeds.

Not every curvature of the septum requires undergoing septoplasty. However, if it is combined with the above-mentioned symptoms that have a negative impact on the patient’s quality of life, it is worth opting for surgery.

Among well known surgical methods in the Medical Clinic Podhale, it is successfully used, the most effective and gentle endoscopic septoplasty for the patient, which does not require external cuts. The doctor watches the exact image of the operating field on the large monitor magnification. Thanks to this, the treatment is extremely precise, and thus – effective. And at the occasion guarantees a short recovery period.

Recommendations after surgery

After surgery, dressings in the form of soft silicone plates are inserted into the patient’s nasal cavity. They are easily removable and significantly improve the patient’s comfort in the postoperative period.

Until the nose has healed, the patient should:

  • limit physical effort,
  • open your mouth when you sneeze to minimize the pressure build up in the nasal cavity,
  • follow your doctor’s instructions.


During the consultation, the specialist conducts an in-depth analysis of the nose and its functional problem. Additionally, it discusses the patient’s expectations regarding the final appearance after the operation performed. The doctor also makes a photographic documentation of the patient’s face and discusses the procedure with him carefully.

Post-treatment recommendations

Septoplasty ends with the doctor putting a stiffening and stabilizing dressing outside the nose, and with delicate dressings and soft silicone plates inside. The dressings from the nasal cavity are usually removed the day after the procedure, and after a few days the silicone plates holding the partition are removed. In turn, the sutures and outer dressing are removed after about 7 days. They are then replaced with patches stuck to the bridge of the nose, as is the case to reduce swelling and accelerate healing. In the postoperative period, avoid physical exertion and protect the nose from possible injuries and refrain from wearing glasses. It is also inadvisable to dive and use the sauna.

Worth knowing

The patient must be prepared for:

  • swelling of the nose (slight swelling may last for several months),
  • slight nosebleeds and eyelid hematomas lasting approx 2-3 weeks.

Septoplasty is performed under general anesthesia (full anesthesia) – the procedure lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. It may take from six months to a year for the nose to fully heal.

Our offer

At Medical Clinic Podhale, we use the most modern equipment and operational techniques with the use of endoscopes and devices for radiosurgery, thanks to which the scope and time of the procedure are limited, and our convalescence period is significantly shortened for patients.

The otolaryngologist cooperating with us – Dr Roman Głowacki is one of the best specialists who can boast of many years of medical practice and huge professional experience.